PLAYDOG – 1st erotic magazine for dogs



Create an add campaign for, the first dating site for dog. A site where owners can share their dog’s history and photos in order to find the best match for their best friend.



As we were working with a small budget, we decided to go for something different. Instead of a small press release in specialty magazines, we created a magazine.

An erotic publication, created from scratch, daring to make all dogs drool over and suprise owners: Playdog, the 1st erotic magazine for dogs. 52 pages full of articles, opinions, galeries and suggestions to send a simple mensage: give this magazine to your dog and get him a date with



A campaign that is far more than an regular press ad. An alternative means that becomes a form of communication and opens space for other brands.

A publication to be distributed in veterinarians that draws the attention of all dogs and everyone who like dogs. Another prove that sex sells. Even among animals.


Explore the magazine in english and portuguese